Pit Manager™

Mobile Chip Cleaning System

  • Designed For Single Person Operation.

  • Fully Mobile Allows For Cleaning at Your Gaming Tables, Cashier Cage, or Poker Room.

  • Quickly Load and Unload Chip Baskets

    • 39mm Basket Holds Up To 640 Chips.
    • 43mm Basket Holds Up To 490 Chips.

  • No Expensive Cleaning Solutions.

  • No Technical Knowledge Required.

    • Add Hot Water and Dawn Ultra.
    • Plug it in and Turn it ON.

  • Cleans and Sanitizes.

  • Maintenance Free.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial 1

Receiving and Setup

Tutorial 2

Pit Manager Features

Tutorial 3

Basket Loading 101

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ECC Drying Chamber

Royal Flush: Local Company’s Method for Keeping Casino Chips Clean and Virus-Free

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada’s economy has reopened and casinos and resorts are shuffling cards again. One local poker chip cleaning company showed 8 News Now how they clean thousands of chips at a time and rid them of potential coronavirus and other deadly viruses and bacteria.

Clay Dubois started Elite Chip Care back in 2018. He said his business model consisted of going to casinos and having them bring the chips back to his crew, where they would clean and re-rack the chips.