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Don’t waste money purchasing expensive, labor intensive chip cleaning systems that ultimately can’t keep up with your volume of chips. Elite Gaming’s chip cleaning system is easily set up in your casino or cardroom. Our experienced, professional staff does all the work, so you don’t have to.

Our portable system cleans and sanitizes up to 150,000 chips per day for just pennies each.

Our chip cleaning service has been recognized as Casino Journal’s Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Awards 2019.

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How our Award Winning System Works

Elite Chip Care cleans/sanitizes your chips using the gentle but thorough process of Ultrasonics. Ultrasonics kill bacteria and other pathogens using a physical process, rather than a chemical process. This eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and detergents when cleaning/sanitizing your chips. Ultrasonic cleaning is a highly efficient means to rapidly remove dirt and oils from a variety of materials, such as clay, ceramics and plastics. Microscopic bubbles produced by the Ultrasonic process act to rapidly scrub away oils and dirt from the tiniest crevice, leaving your chips clean, smooth and odor free.

Clay, Jon and the rest of the Elite Chip Care Team are phenomenal at what they do! Clay has developed the most efficient process for cleaning entire inventories. I have personally witnessed their magic! Now is the perfect time to get it done!
Richard Jewell
Cash Operations Manager

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Royal Flush: Local Company’s Method for Keeping Casino Chips Clean and Virus-Free

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada’s economy has reopened and casinos and resorts are shuffling cards again. One local poker chip cleaning company showed 8 News Now how they clean thousands of chips at a time and rid them of potential coronavirus and other deadly viruses and bacteria.

Clay Dubois started Elite Chip Care back in 2018. He said his business model consisted of going to casinos and having them bring the chips back to his crew, where they would clean and re-rack the chips.

Gambling With Your Health: Bacterial Contamination on Casino Gaming Chips

The casino environment, consisting of employees and customers, can present a risk for exposure to infectious diseases, especially bacterial diseases that are found on casino gaming chips. The purpose of this study was to replicate a study from 2011 to determine bacterial microorganisms on casino chips. A total of 26 chips (13 used actively in a casino and 13 never used from a chip manufacturer) were used for the study. Bacteria and fungi development were found in statistically significant levels.

Las Vegas Casino Chip Cleaning Business Booming Amid Coronavirus Spread

Casinos have been ramping up cleaning efforts in recent weeks as concerns over COVID-19 heighten. Dubois said his business helps clean one of those most frequently touched items.

Scott Morrow, a hospitality lecturer at UNLV with roughly 40 years worth of experience in the gaming industry, said it’s rare for casinos to clean chips.

“In my experience in the industry, it doesn’t happen often enough,” he said. “I’ve worked in operations where the chips were never cleaned in 20, 30 years.”

chip cleaning during coronavirus

“As the only system and service available in the world to clean large volumes of chips, we are fielding information requests from virtually every gaming jurisdiction in the world.”

Casinos and poker rooms across the country are shutting down due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Both are largely considered ideal breeding grounds for a virus given patrons are in close proximity and often handle the same cards and chips.

One of the measures considered to combat the Coronavirus is the cleaning of chips, which any player can tell you isn’t done as often as it should be. Many venues are forced to clean poker chips by hand, while some venues have specialized washers that are capable of cleaning a limited amount of chips.

Enter Elite Chip Care…

industry Insiders
This week Dave interviews Clay DuBois, Owner, Elite Chip Care, about sanitizing poker chips for the gaming industry.

Dirty Vegas: How safe are your chips?

..."Ever wonder if you could contract Ebola by playing with poker chips? Whether surreptitiously picking your nose after raking in a pot (as one does) could lead to you developing super-bug MRSA? If you have, then you are not alone. The cleanliness of poker chips is something that has been playing on our minds here at Bluff Towers ever since last year's WSOP. With the personal hygiene of millions of poker players on our minds (not to mention the chance to find some really gross bacteria), we immediately contacted Professor Hedlund and put him to work. With his motley crew of eager students, Hedlund made some grim findings, as well as uncovering a few surprising results."...

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