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At the time Hot Poker Spot was conceived, Brian Bowling and Shaun Yaple were Casino Manager and GM respectively at Lodi Casino in Lodi, CA. The two friends and colleagues asked themselves some tough questions…

  • Are we operating our poker business to its fullest potential?
  • How can we increase revenues dramatically without raising the rake?
  • Can we increase player interest and ultimately revenue by adding more action to every hand?
  • Can a side bet be added with minimal impact on how Texas Hold’em Poker is dealt or played?
  • How do we add a side bet without sacrificing hands per hour?
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Brian and Shaun agreed that industry wide, poker in its current form was not operating at its fullest potential. The soon to be business partners understood that the ‘Moneymaker Effect’ had dissipated, player interest was waning, and the long term prospects for poker as a revenue generator in the casino and card room industry were bleak. An evolution similar to what blackjack experienced years ago with the introduction of side bets, is what Brian and Shaun believed poker needed.

Hot Poker Spot was created in 2014, and is showing itself to be the ‘shot in the arm’ that poker needed. After proving phenomenally successful at Lodi Casino, Brain and Shaun decided to offer Hot Poker Spot to other Casino Gaming Executives and Poker Managers.

Is Hot Poker Spot right for your poker room?

Who Would Play a Poker Side Bet?

The answer according to Carl Jackson, Poker Manager at Jackson Rancheria Casino, is “Everyone Plays it Eventually“.

poker table full with hot spot
Photo Taken of Harrah’s SoCal Cash Game, Showing 100% Player Participation on the HPS Side Bet


Texas Hold’em Paytable
  • Royal Flush 1,000 for 1
  • Straight Flush 200 for 1
  • Four of a Kind 100 for 1
  • Full House 25 for 1
  • Flush 15 for 1
  • Straight 10 for 1


Omaha Paytable
  • Royal Flush 500 for 1
  • Straight Flush 30 for 1
  • Four of a Kind 20 for 1
  • Full House 8 for 1
  • Flush 5 for 1

Meet Your Poker Room Manager

10 Questions For Carl Jackson-Jackson Rancheria Casino

Answer: I worked in Roland Ok at the Cherokee Casino, Qua Paw Casino in Miami OK, Grand Lake Casino in Grand Lake OK, Inn of the Mountain Gods in Ruidoso NM and now at the Jackson Rancheria. I started my poker career here at the Rancheria in 2004 when I was pulled off a roulette wheel and shipped to the poker room to help out. I never looked back.

Answer: I do play poker but only on vacation and purely for fun. The increased longevity of my money in the casino is more controllable playing poker. I like to get in a 1/3 NL game when possible but I won’t hesitate to jump in a juicy 4×8 game.

Answer: The Carson Valley inn… NL game. Last hand and on the button. K,Q $50 to go with 4 players. Flop Broadway. Rainbow flop. They are doing all the betting for me.. $100 to see the turn. Yes thank you .. I call. Blank on the turn. 2 all in and I have $275ish. I get it all in with both players having me covered. I am already counting my money. Player A pocket Jacks, (Don’t pair the board) Player B 9,8 Hearts. Crap.. Hearts. There are 2 hearts on the board.. No hearts. River Heart.. Good thing I was ready to go. lol

Answer: Getting players to drive an hour for a game they have 15 min away in any direction around Sacramento and Stockton.

Answer: It has created fun and excitement between the players. Hold’em gets boring and the HPS livens up the table when you get multiple players playing and hitting. You also get players betting the HPS for each other after big pots or a big HPS win.

Answer: As the economy comes back slowly and the average joe gets more disposable income, I think we will see a slight pickup in the smaller rooms. The bigger casinos and cardrooms will always grow and create new players.

Answer: I would recommend HPS to any room that gets an average volume of games throughout the week and an influx of gambler poker players on the weekends.

Answer: They all play it eventually. What sets rooms apart is who is running it correctly and enforcing the rules. Also tying the HPS to promotions brings the purists out of their shell more often than not.

Answer: Not if you are running it correctly and you can create a system that works in your rooms parameters.

Answer: They are starting to come around more and more. Once they hit a winner or see a few hit, they slowly start to throw dollars up randomly. Most of them don’t care either way and the rest will play every once and a while. The gambler poker players were the easiest to convert and play the most. Now they don’t have to leave and go play a couple blackjack hands when they get bored.. Just throw some money on the HPS.

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Where Hot Poker Spot is Played:

Pala Casino

Pala Casino Spa & Resort
Pala, California

Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort. Jackson, California

Win River Casino
Win-River Resort & Casino Redding, California
Harrahs Resort

Harrah’s SoCal
Funner, California

Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino Council Bluffs, Iowa

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